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Honest no BS automotive diagnostics and repair

70 Years of quality automotive maintenance and repair 

4 streets West of Stapley on E.Main st.

We will NEVER sell you services you don't need!

We service any brand any model, cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs.

We deliver quality guaranteed repairs by honest highly skilled and experienced Technicians.

Our Services


​- oil changes

- Drivability Problems

- Tune - ups  - Batteries/fuses - alternators

- brake service - shocks/struts

-alarm systems - fuel pumps - belts - fuses

- AC service - batteries - remotes

- ABS/SRS Light - airbag lights - odometers

- transmission service


About US

Village Auto Repair Mesa has been serving the greater East Valley area since 1949.

We diagnose the source of your automotive problem before replacing parts that do not need replacement.

Honesty, Integrity and Quality!

Opening Hours:

MON - FRI: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM​


call or text​


19 N Miller St (corner E Main St)

Mesa, AZ 85203

What Customers say about us

Robert Evans   08/08/2018

I highly recommend Village auto Electric. I took my Silverado in to solve an electrical problem and was told it was fixed, but we left town on a trip and the problem came back. We had it repaired in Oregan and when we came back I asked for a refund and the owner returned my money in full with no argument. He explained that he had problems with the man that worked on my truck with his work and had to let him go.

nebojsa grubac  10/17/2017

Nicholas and his crew are just great. I took my work van there a couple weeks ago after several different mechanics failed to find problem. After a couple of hours they fixed it and I was back on the road working -no more losing money and customers. Very friendly and explainable. I would definitely recommend them to anybody!

Amanda Tyree   08/12/2017

These guys are freaking amazing! So happy we found you! :)

Pete  05/13/2018

I was very happy with them. They were honest and they did a good job and I haven't had any problems or had to go back. They told me what was going on and what was happening. I was very happy.

Jerry  05/31/2018

They were professional and knowledgeable.

Roy   06/18/2018

They were very professional and very thorough in their diagnosis of the problems with my vehicle.

Erik K   02/23/2018

Got my car back on the road, called when they said they would.

Mr P.  06/01/2018

Phenomenal guys that are super reliable with fair and honest prices.

Otis   06/28/2018

It's great and very knowledgeable, timely and they get things done in a good timeline. They always come up with new suggestions to improve the quality of the vehicle based on what it's doing so they can give you recommendations on things you can do to improve your vehicle's performance.

Ethan   05/17/2018

They were super professional, the shop was clean and they were totally transparent about the prices they gave me. They gave me a reasonable estimate and reasonable estimate on when it would be finished. When they were done they showed me what they did and what needed done and they showed me the work the performed and anything extra they had to do.

Ms L.  05/25/2018

He really did an awesome job. He took the time to find out what was really wrong instead of just jumping in and found out it was a really simple thing. I was really pleased. It took him 15 minutes and he knew exactly what was wrong with it. I was so pleased!

Manny  06/01/2018

The people are very personable and I felt comfortable while there and they seemed to be down to earth and knowledgable people. The work they did was superb and they helped me out a lot.

Joseph   01/21/2018

We thought the technicians were honest and tried to explain things well and we appreciated that. They performed the service we asked them to do, which is the main thing, so we were happy with them.

  Kevin   01/16/2018

They were professional, knowledgable, friendly and good customer service.

Roger  12/03/2017

It was some kind of electrical problem, it was good I recommend, they do good work.

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