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We don't just remove and replace parts like most shops do. We diagnose the cause of your problem which saves you money and prevents future breakdowns with your vehicle. All our repairs carry a 90 labor warranty* and most parts have a lifetime warranty (ask to confirm if your part has the 1yr or lifetime warranty, warranty on part not on labor after 90 days)


*warranty repairs need to be performed at our facility 

7 Decades of Automotive Car Care puts us in a unique place above all the other shops. We know how to diagnose the cause of your vehicles problem. Saving you money by not removing and replacing parts you do not need . So before you decide what repair shop to take your vehicle to ask yourself: How long has the repair shop been around for? 

Village Auto Repair aka Village Auto Electric is also known for their ability to diagnose and fix the most difficult auto electric problems. 95% of customers with electric problems are referred to us by other shops.
Headlight out? ABS or airbag light stays on? Power window doesn't roll up/down? sunroof not opening/closing? You have the problem and we have the solution! At Village Auto Electric we have the IN-HOUSE specialists to fix all your cars electrical problems!


When it's 110F outside your engines cooling system might have a hard time keeping your engine at the correct operating temperature. Several reasons might be the cause of your engine overheating; a blown head gasket: failing fans, too much water instead of coolant in your system, corroded or leaking waterpump, clogged up radiator etc. Bring your vehicle in for maintenance and let us inspect it before the summer. Proper maintenance is a lot cheaper than a repair.


A perfect functioning AC is a necessity in Arizona! A poorly functioning or broken AC system can become life threatening! When it's 120F outside the interior of your vehicle can run up to 150F. At Village Auto Electric we have the expertise and equipment to rejuvenate or repair your cars AC system.

Honesty and quality since 1949
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